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Visiting Us


Personal Healing

Many guests visit Farm of Life with specific healing goals. Whether struggling with chronic disease, weight, stress, depression, anxiety, GI problems, high blood pressure, cancer, fatigue, insomnia, quitting smoking, etc, guests benefit from Farm of Life’s healthy environment, nourishing foods, inspiration and guidance. Guests spend as much time as they need here to heal and transform, generally anywhere from 2-weeks to 2-months.

Farm of Life is the ideal environment for a journey to wellness. Healing involves rest, nourishing food, clean air, pure water, and a life-giving sun. We have maximized these healing properties. We’ve created beautiful spaces for relaxation and restoration. We are located away from tourist areas and roads. We enjoy the rhythmic flow and silent peace of nature. The air is fresh, clean and ionized. Our water comes directly from springs. Bathe in a spring-fed pool and eat organic, too. The farm’s harvest was planted with intention to bless and heal. Meals are prepared with love. The restorative properties of ocean and waterfalls can be accessed by car or hiking.

We have made an extra effort to make healing more affordable by offering discounts if you stay long-term. From May-October, we offer a 20% discount to guests who spend 30-or-more nights here and a 10% discount for 14-or-more nights.

Please visit our Farm of Life YouTube Channel to watch videos of our previous guests describing their journeys and experiences at Farm of Life.

Health Coaching

Health Coaching is our passion and inspiration for starting Farm of Life. Everyone deserves to be rightly informed about how to achieve health. We once experienced disease, chronic pain, fatigue and reclaimed our health through raw food and natural healing. As health coaches, we give back our knowledge, inspiration and appreciation to anyone struggling with disease and driven to reclaim wellness. We choose the name Farm of Life, because our intention is to help you get your life (and health) back.

We offer a one-time health coaching session for $60. During this session, we teach the principals and techniques of optimal health and how to integrate proper living conditions into a daily practice. We hear out your healing objectives and tailor a plan that meets your needs. Your plan may include a simple raw food diet, no overt fats, green juices, colonics, daily meditation, Yoga, exercise, forgiveness, healthy thoughts, affirmations, rest, sunbathing, barefoot walking and/or loving service. Thereafter, you are responsible for yourself and your choices. We are present everyday to model the healthy lifestyle practices and support you through the healing process. As your hosts, we have been where you are and are committed to helping you in every way we can.

Ultimately, you are in charge of your healing experience at Farm of Life. We encourage you to make it what you want it to be. While we keep an eye on you and your progress, we do not supervise whether you are keeping with your “plan” or not. We do not serve you your meals. Rather, we teach you how to use the juicer, vitamix, etc, share recipes, and you prepare your own nurturing foods. We do not have classes, a curriculum or a daily meal schedule. Rather, we answer questions and teach organically as we all go about living in this space together. We encourage you to read from our bookshelf and will recommend books based on what seems right for you.

Some guests are interested in water fasting or juice feasting. We are open to this, but will not agree to it automatically. We prefer to first meet our guests and assess their goals, health status and toxicity. We water fasts guests for 3 – 10 days, or juice feast for several weeks, or more for healthy and experienced fasters.

Health Philosophy

We all possess a life-force that sustains us in miraculous ways. When this energy is strong, we experience profound health. When it is depleted, we don’t. Restoration of energy brings us true and lasting health, and this is obtained through a total program of healthful living. A total program is more than just diet, but is a whole person approach that integrates all the healing elements that nature offers us. We have come to know and believe that our bodies are self-healing. When given rest and non-toxic conditions, inner life force energies nurture us back to health and vitality. This is the formula for health – it is the law of nature.

Health Services

  • The Cherabum is a colon cleansing system that blends elements of an open-colonic system and an enema – it is safe and sanitary ($30 per session). Colon cleansing removes the build up of solid waste in the colon. More importantly, it helps to rapidly eliminate gaseous waste from the blood. When one reduces the intake of toxins into the body, cells can finally exhale the accumulated filth. Cellular waste is mainly gaseous, accumulates in the blood and must have a means for rapid removal.
  • Massage ($60) can be scheduled upon request. Offerings include deep tissue, relaxation and trigger-point massage.
  • Yoga Sessions are by donation to the instructor and can be scheduled upon request:
    • Taoflow Yoga - a synthesis of QiGong and Yoga - emphasizes self-healing, chi (energy) cultivation, joint mobility, inner alchemy and meditation. Taoflow utilizes gentle circular movements, stabilizing poses, and meditative breathing. It detoxifies the skin, brain, and internal organs, nourishes the joints, optimizes immunity, balances Yin-Yang and the 5 Elements, rejuvenates and increases vitality. Taoflow can be tailored for specific health needs, including digestion, joint mobility, women’s health, bone density, sexual energy, lowering blood pressure, balance and coordination. Jody offers Taoflow classes and 1-1 instruction.
    • Yin Yoga is a practice of holding static poses for 3-minutes (or more) with deep breathing into the muscle. The practice allows connective tissue to lengthen and stretch. Yin Yoga is relaxing and meditative. When practiced regularly, improvements in flexibility are noticeable! Yin Yoga is Brian’s daily practice and he invites you to join him.
    • Kundalini Yoga blends expanding movements, breath work, Tibetan Rights and power yoga. It focuses on raising ones Kundalini Energy upward along the Chakra’s for spiritual growth and enlightenment. From January – April, Chris Kendall offer’s his unique brand of “Kendalini Yoga”, complete with good old fun 'n silliness!
  • Meditations are by donation to the instructor and can be scheduled upon request:
    • Tibetan Singing Bowl Ceremony - the song of the bowls invokes a deep state of relaxation, assists one in entering into meditation, has a centering effect and synchronizes left/right brain. Meditating on the subtle sounds and vibrations of the 7 bowls opens and harmonizes the 7 chakras.
    • Harmonizing the 5 Elements of Taoism - breathe color and sound into the Yin and Yang organs associated with each Element (Fire, Earth, Wood, Water, Metal), followed with a Taoist sitting meditation.
    • Sungazing (complimentary) - sungazing is Brian’s daily practice and meditation, and he would love to share it with you! Sungazing is an ancient Egyptian and Mayan practice where the gazer cycles earth and solar energies and receives innumerable healing benefits.
  • Expand your Raw-pertoire with raw food demonstrations ($25). Learn to make unbelievably delicious uncooked dishes that are vibrant in flavor, color, lifeforce and nutrition. 80-10-10 Cuisine, the Raw Basics, and Advanced Raw Gourmet selections are available.

What We Don't Offer

Farm of Life is not a typical health spa. We do not have a sauna, foot baths, or an arsenal of health supplements to put you on. Our focus is on reconnecting with nature and healing foods, therefore we keep high-tech gadgets and alternative medicine to a minimum.

Farm of Life is not a medical clinic, skilled nursing facility or residential care unit. We do not have doctors, nurses, medical equipment or medications to assist with convalescence or mental disabilities. We are not a treatment center for anorexia, bulimia or severe obsessive-compulsive disorders. The nearest medical clinics and pharmacies are a 1-hour drive, and the capital city – san Jose – is a 4-hour drive.